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During the [2005 molestation] trial, I can’t even tell you how many celebrities who he thought were his friends. In his darkest hour, they didn’t want to help out. It was very, very painful and crushing to him.

Now, the exception to that is Chris Tucker and Macaulay Culkin, two people I will always have the greatest respect for. I will never forget them. These were two young men, terribly successful, you know, wealthy, popular, young… all of their agents, managers, lawyers were telling them, ‘Don’t go near that trial,’ and, ‘He’s not going to win, you’re going to be tarnished, it’s going to hurt your career,’ and both of those guys said to me on no uncertain terms, ‘When Michael needs us, we’re going to be there. You just tell us when.’

I’ve never forgotten the character they showed, the loyalty they showed, the decency they showed, but many other big names who I will not mention were nowhere to be found when we called on them and asked them to help.

— Tom Mesereau

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