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"Michael came alive on stage. The introvert became Michael Jackson, the global superstar. Believe me: Acted seven nights at Wembley Stadium in London, with 100,000 people crazed every night throughout the concert. Unlike to Elvis Presley never toured outside the United States, Michael was a true universal star. Even in markets where there was no music industry itself, as in China and Russia, the guy was huge.

Steve Popovich

(Source: marsjackson)

Interviewer: Black or White created so much controversy, amateur psychologists speculated that you were letting off tremendous feelings of anger about…”

MJ: “Anger and rage are the prelude to a shift in consciousness. Unless we feel rage at some of the inequities and injustices of our society, there is no hope for transformation.
Michael Jackson responding to an interviewer in 1992 (via lacienegasmiled)
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